This old village renovated house lies in the quiet village Kotsiana of Kissamos and it distances itself only 1.5km from Nopigia sandy beach with bars and taverns, a perfect hideaway.

Nevertheless it is only 7km from Deliana gorge which hosts eagles’ nests on its sides and it’s easy to walk through. Also 5km away lies the Rokka rock where in August takes place the full moon festival. A place with marvelous view to sea and the Rokka gorge into the mountains.

Ο χώρος

Η βίλα έχει μια όμορφη εσωτερική αυλή που συνδέει την καλά εξοπλισμένη κουζίνα και την τραπεζαρία με το καθιστικό. Διαθέτει τζάκι και όλες τις σύγχρονες ανέσεις όπως Wi-Fi, 3 Air / Condition και πλυντήριο ρούχων. Έχει επίσης 2 υπνοδωμάτια στον επάνω όροφο και 2 μπάνια με ντους, αυλή με κήπο με διάφορα λουλούδια και δέντρα, μπάρμπεκιου και έπιπλα εξωτερικού χώρου.

The villa has a beautiful arch inside that connects the well equipped kitchen and dining area with the living room. It has a fire place and all modern facilities such as Wi-Fi, 3 Air/Condition and laundry machine. It also has 2 bedrooms on the upper floor and 2 bathrooms with shower, yard with garden with various flowers and trees, barbeque and outdoor furniture.

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